A Welcome From Paul Dobson

It is an honor to serve the people of Wood County as Prosecuting Attorney. I and my staff are driven to function in the effective, efficient manner expected by our constituents. This office provides services which uphold and protect the citizens of our county in many ways.

The Criminal Division is responsible to answer the most serious crimes which disturb and confound the peace of our community. The Juvenile Division prosecutes all juvenile offenders, providing consequences for wrongful acts while remaining focused on rehabilitation and restoration. The Civil Division acts as the legal representative of most of the county officials and county agencies which serve the public. The new C.Y.C.L.E. Program, my evolution of the former Youth Services Division, is committed to providing services, information and Cooperation with Youth, Community and Law Enforcement.

Wood County presents unique opportunities to serve the public. It supports urban, suburban and rural populations. It benefits from a strong agricultural community, as well as being a continuing leader in the industrial sector. Wood County further maintains major transportation crossroads and crossrails and boasts the nationally recognized Bowling Green State University. All of these assets make Wood County a stand alone community to live in, work in and protect.

I, the attorneys, and the staff of the Wood County Prosecutor’s Office are proud and honored to be of service to you. I hope you find this website educational and informative.


Paul Dobson
Wood County Prosecuting Attorney


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